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Welcome and thanks for visiting the Wellness at AECOM website. Use this site to find what you need to know about attaining and maintaining good health — plus the latest health news, interesting features and tools from HealthFitness, our new wellness partner. Take some time to explore the website and understand what it takes to BE WELL.

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A word about confidentiality

The Wellness at AECOM program and all available services are delivered through the professional staff of a third-party vendor, HealthFitness. HealthFitness adheres to the highest privacy standards and ensures that your personal health information is secure and protected. AECOM is not privy to any aspect of your participation, other than whether or not you’ve completed the program steps and can elect a Premier Plan. Additionally, all calls with Health Advisors and Health Coaches are documented in a secure, confidential database. Specific information can be shared only with your permission.

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